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We are Vertigo Studios, the largest VR developer in the world and part of the Embracer Group, the largest group of developers in the world.

As our Amsterdam studio continues production of its most ambitious project to date, a true multi-platform VR action shooter based on a global franchise, we are looking to recruit a Senior Lead Programmer who can aid us in our mission.

The Senior Lead Programmer is responsible for managing and directing the development of technology for a game development project at Vertigo Studios Amsterdam, both for current projects and future developments.

The Senior Lead Programmer will take the project’s vision, technical requirements, timeline and budget into account while motivating the tech team and taking on the technical challenges within the project, identifying risk areas and coming up with approaches and solutions during the development of the game.

The Senior Lead will help identify general technology that can be reused and structure our technology in an efficient way, so multiple projects can benefit from it.


  • To work closely together with lead programmers and principals in order to deliver all technical systems of a large game project, directing and mentoring the game leads and principals in technology related area’s.
  • Ensure tech team compliance with the project’s vision, technical requirements, and technical style guide.
  • Build up a strong tech team, and direct and mentor the project’s tech leads and principals. to ensure a high level of motivation, efficiency and technical problem solving in the team.
  • Participate in high-level planning of the project, as well as driving the tech team to meet project milestones and budget.
  • Responsible for identifying the high-level tech related project risk and coming up with decisions and solutions to mitigate these.
  • Can contribute and think a long with plans for our core technology development.
  • Keep up to date with relevant technical developments in the market (current and future), researching/prototyping new technologies when required.
  • Inform upper management of technical developments and lay out strategic company decisions concerning technology.

  • Estimation and planning of technology work, both for current and future projects.
  • Development infrastructure design and setup, for instance build servers.
  • Represent the studio towards external stakeholders and 3rd party contact.
  • Participate in recruitment of the tech team for the studio, including identifying the required skills and experience for the studio’s tech team, current and future.
  • Assist the technical department manager with the growth and development of the studio’s tech team.


  • You have managed a team of programmers for multiple game projects, and you were responsible for the projects being delivered on time, in budget and at the quality level expected to technical specification and stability.
  • You have written a number of games / projects in C++ and have a good understanding of all the concepts of the language like the object oriented approach, pointers and references, containers, inheritance, polymorphism, structures, visibility, smart pointer types, templates, multiple inheritance, overloading.
  • It is a clear bonus if you have created projects using the Unreal Engine, thus having good understanding on creating blueprints, optimizing code through usage of C++ and the Unreal pipeline.


  • You can communicate in a clear, open, convincing, and inspiring manner.
  • You are passionate about new technology, but can be creative at the same time.
  • You have already worked on VR projects before, or you have an intimate knowledge of what has been happening in the field so far.

  • A culture that values a healthy work-life balance;
  • Studio location in the heart of Amsterdam;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Benefits according to experience and job;
  • 26 Standard vacation days with an option to buy 5 more;
  • A healthy lunch buffet with regular hot meals and specials (when working at the office);
  • 30% Income tax ruling for eligible expats;
  • Relocation cost compensation depending on your situation;
  • Free pension plan;
  • Free train commuting when living outside of Amsterdam;
  • Group activities and an annual VR game jam;
  • The latest VR hardware which you can borrow and take home.


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