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Ever wondered what happens when you stick a garden gnome to a firework? So have we. There are a lot of tools at your disposal aboard the Fantastic Leap, some are detailed below. The rest you will have to find yourself.

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This handy tool can push or pull metal objects in space. 

It is a bit too large and a little complex but it is super useful when something is just out of reach. 

It really is advantageous when you lose your keys.

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What do you need when you are screwed? Why a cordless power hand screwdriver, that’s what! 

You never know what you might find behind all those extra secure safety panels that have warning signs that probably shouldn’t be touched…but what the heck! 

Let’s open them all up!! Please don’t try to screw anything in with the Quickscrew 3000, this option is only available on the Quickscrew 4000 model.

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Who needs super glue when you have wonderfully nutritious sticky meat in a tube? 

That’s right, this handy adhesive is also delicious! It can be used to stick things to other things and goes great with ketchup on the BBQ. 

Why? Why not!

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There are many more tools to discover onboard the Fantastic Leap. 

In the likely event of a catastrophe remember that many tools can be combined, please note that this will invalidate any warranty.